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Support the arts during this season of giving

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Gift giving can become more special when a unique and expressive work of art is presented to someone special in your life or even to an entire family. Such gift-giving events become even more exceptional if the recipient is taking part in deciding which gift will become a permanent part of their lives.

Fortunately, for those searching for that one particular item that is sure to please, the Chester County Art Association, located at 100 North Bradford Ave in West Chester, is providing seasonal art events this month which will please the collector at every level to engage people with the arts.

There are two great opportunities to explore original works of art that are also priced with the budget of every household in mind.

The first is Christkindlmarkt, a traditional holiday outdoor/indoor marketplace offering visitors an opportunity to browse the artworks of local artists. What is Christkindlmarkt? It is a German word meaning an outdoor/indoor holiday market. Artists and artisans are on hand offering paintings and handmade pottery, each with the personal touch only an artist can render.

It happens on two days only: Friday, December 3, from 5 to 9pm; and Saturday, December 4, from 10am to 7pm, at the Chester County Art Association. There’s plenty of free parking and the spirit of the holidays will be present with live music, lighted Christmas trees, food trucks, and artisan food vendors throughout the weekend.

Now imagine that a room full of exquisite art works are on display. Each is original, but none with a price-tag over $300. You can simply agree to choose a favorite and not worry that the cost will bust the bank. You are sure to enjoy a special time with that someone special and then share a lifetime of smiles as a reminder of that moment.

It's called the $300 and Under exhibition and occurs December 9 through the end of the year. Hosted by the Chester County Art Association, each of the works on display are offered for not more than $300. But they are all created by artists who are members of the CCAA. It’s a great time to be with friends while supporting the arts.

Whether you are just into collecting artwork or are seasoned collector, you will not want to miss this seasonal opportunity to truly engage with the best of Chester County artists.

For more, see the full article in the December 2021 issue of County Lines Magazine and online.

Adapted from a County Lines Magazine article by Malcolm Johnstone and Madison Meinel.

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