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Celebrating Humphry Marshall’s 300th Birthday

Updated: May 3, 2023

Depiction of Humphry Marshall by Adrian Martinez, 2016 (detail)

Humphry Marshall’s 300th Birthday Anniversary was celebrated in October of 2022 during a day-long celebration where families learned about Humphry Marshall (1722-1801), American's first botanist and horticulturist. The special day was sponsored by the Friends of Martin's Tavern with support by West Bradford Township in Marshallton, PA, on the grounds of Martin’s Tavern and the newly created Humphry Marshall Park.

Who was Humphry Marshall?

Humphry Marshall (1722-1801), the namesake of Marshallton, Chester County, PA, was a celebrated botanist and scientist who played a role in America’s transformation from a frontier wilderness to a productive landscape. As a Quaker, Humphry was not active in the American Revolution, but he saw himself as an American and encouraged his fellow colonists to understand and capitalize on the country’s native plants and natural assets. In his lifetime, Marshall was known for his contributions to astronomy, meteorology, agriculture, and natural science. Today, he is best known as the author of Arbustum Americanum (1785), the first publication and catalogue of native plants, shrubs, and trees written by an American and published in America.

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